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Cop Land

1997  104 MN

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James Mangold

Freddy Heflin is the sheriff of a place everyone calls “Cop Land” — a small and seemingly peaceful town populated by the big city police officers he’s long admired. Yet something ugly is taking place behind the town’s peaceful facade. And when Freddy uncovers a massive, deadly conspiracy among these local residents, he is forced to take action and make a dangerous choice between protecting his idols and upholding the law.

 Release Date

August 15, 1997


1h44m (104 min)


$ 15,000,000


$ 44,862,187

 Top Billed Cast

 Sylvester Stallone
 Sheriff Freddy Heflin
 Harvey Keitel
 Ray Donlan
 Ray Liotta
 Gary "Figgsy" Figgis
 Robert De Niro
 Lt. Moe Tilden
 Peter Berg
 Joey Randone
 Janeane Garofalo
 Deputy Cindy Betts

 Written by

James Mangold Writer


No One Is Above The Law.



Sylvester Stallone
  Sheriff Freddy Heflin
Harvey Keitel
  Ray Donlan
Ray Liotta
  Gary "Figgsy" Figgis
Robert De Niro
  Lt. Moe Tilden
Peter Berg
  Joey Randone
Janeane Garofalo
  Deputy Cindy Betts
Robert Patrick
  Jack Rucker
Michael Rapaport
  Murray "Superboy" Babitch
Annabella Sciorra
  Liz Randone
Noah Emmerich
  Deputy Bill Geisler
Cathy Moriarty
  Rose Donlan
John Spencer
  Leo Crasky
Frank Vincent
  PDA President Lassaro
Malik Yoba
  Detective Carson
Arthur J. Nascarella
  Frank Lagonda
Edie Falco
Victor Williams
Paul Calderon
  Hector - Medic
John Doman
  Lassaro's Aide
Debbie Harry
Vincent Laresca
  Medic #2
Oliver Solomon
  Black Man
David Butler
  Thin Cop
Brad Beyer
  Young Cop
Charles Dumas
  TV Cyril Johns
John Johnson
  News Anchor
Frank Pellegrino
Robert John Burke
  Officer B
John Ventimiglia
  Officer V
Terry Serpico
  Tony - Wincing Cop
Method Man
Sean Cullen
  Other Cop
Paul Herman
  Game Operator
Mel Gorham
Graciela Lecube
  Spanish Woman
Alexandra Adi
  Young Liz
Mark Casella
Timothy Stickney
  Window Yeller
Sean Runnette
  IA Detective #1
Michael Gaston
  IA Detective #2 - Rubin
Robert W. Castle
  Chaplain at Joey's Funeral
Bruce Altman
  Counselor Burt Kandel
Tony Giorgio
  Ceremonial Officer
Kevin O'Sullivan
  Head Pall Bearer / Flag Holder
Louis D'Alto
  Exiting Cop
Garry Pastore
  Core Cop 'Johnny B'
Tony Sirico
  Toy Torillo
P.J. Brown
  Plaza Cop #2
Jeffrey H. Kaufman
  Plaza Cop #4
Europe Harmon
  Plaza Cop #5
Rene Ojeda
  Plaza Cop #6


James Mangold
Cathy Konrad
Ezra Swerdlow
Howard Shore
  Original Music Composer
Eric Alan Edwards
  Director of Photography
Lester Cohen
  Production Design
Wing Lee
  Art Direction
Karin Wiesel
  Set Decoration
Craig McKay
Ellen Lutter
  Costume Design
Todd M. Thaler
Kerry Orent
Ashley Cusato
James Mangold
Bob Weinstein
  Executive Producer
Harvey Weinstein
  Executive Producer
Christopher Goode
  Associate Producer
Richard Miller
  Associate Producer
Kevin King Templeton
  Associate Producer
Meryl Poster
  Executive Producer
Christopher Goode
  Unit Production Manager
Anthony Gore
  Post Production Supervisor
Craig Markey
  Production Supervisor
Tracy Lee McGrath
  Executive In Charge Of Production
Marlene Arvan
  Second Second Assistant Director
Roger M. Bobb
  Trainee Production Coordinator
Vebe Borge
  First Assistant Director
Amy Lynn
  Second Second Assistant Director
Rebecca Strickland
  Second Assistant Director
Christopher Swartout
  Second Assistant Director
Henry Alex Rubin
  Second Unit Director
Wendy Lee Roberts
  Script Supervisor
Scott H. Eddo
  Makeup Artist
Joseph Coscia
Judi Goodman
Ilona Herman
Lori Hicks
  Key Makeup Artist
Steven Lawrence
  Makeup Artist
Judy Lovell
  Makeup Artist
Francesca Paris
  Key Hair Stylist
Michele Paris
  Key Makeup Artist
Mary Ramos
  Music Supervisor
Michelle Kuznetsky Silverman
  Music Supervisor
Jery Hewitt
  Stunt Coordinator
Danny Aiello III
Nicholas Lundy
  Assistant Art Director
Charles E. McCarry
  Assistant Art Director
Lisa Nilsson
  Assistant Set Decoration
Harriet Zucker
  Assistant Set Decoration
Gus Papadopoulos
Amy Safhay
David Scott Gagnon
  Set Dresser
Michael Leather
  Set Dresser
Alan Muzeni
  Set Dresser
Sandy Hamilton
  Property Master
James R. Bilz
  Assistant Property Master
Gary Martone
  Key Grip
Pete Romano
  Underwater Director of Photography
Igor Sunara
  Second Unit Director of Photography
Lukasz Jogalla
  "A" Camera Operator
Richard Rutkowski
  First Assistant Camera
Rick Raphael
  Steadicam Operator
Pedro Hernández
  Best Boy Grip
Dustin Smith
  Dolly Grip
May Kuckro
  First Assistant Editor
Roseann Milano
  Wardrobe Supervisor
Allan Byer
  Sound Mixer
Linda Murphy
  Boom Operator
Bob Balzarini
  Video Assist Operator
Sam Emerson
  Still Photographer
Andrew Zolot
  Post Production Coordinator
Philip Stockton
  Supervising Sound Editor
Wilfred Caban
  Special Effects Supervisor
Kathi Scharer
  Production Accountant
John 'JR' Craigmile
  Assistant Accountant
Gayle Keller
  Casting Associate
Meredith Jacobson Marciano
  Extras Casting
Glen Pangione
  Construction Coordinator
Kevin Keefe
  Transportation Captain
Henry S. Avelin
  Transportation Co-Captain
Kevin Flynn
  Transportation Co-Captain
Ron Bochar
  Sound Effects Designer
Magdaline Volaitis
  Dialogue Editor
Fred Rosenberg
  Dialogue Editor
Kenton Jakub
  ADR Editor
Lewis Goldstein
  Sound Effects Editor
Glenfield Payne
  Sound Effects Editor
Bruce Pross
  Foley Supervisor
Marko Costanzo
  Foley Artist
Frank Kern
  Foley Editor
Kam Chan
  Foley Editor
Steven Visscher
  Foley Editor
Jac Rubenstein
  Foley Editor
Reilly Steele
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
David Carbonara
  Music Editor
Mark Ginsberg
  Color Timer
Mark De Alessandro
  Stunt Double


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 New Review


Sheriff Freddy Heflin (Stallone) is an ordinary officer who spends his boring life in the town where he lives. Time passes so slow in a quiet little town of “Cop Land”. This bulky sheriff does nothing other than controlling traffic and surrendering to his pinball addiction. When a misfire broke out in town, Freddy jumped into it with the help of Lt. Moe Tilden (Robert De Niro). This seems like a big leap of the career-stuck sheriff. Two thumbs of for Stallone for giving up his all muscles body, something is well-maintained for years and also his choice for accepting a role much different from his usual heroic/action ones. Stallone did much better in his role when compared to his acting in Get Carter or D-Tox


Weird that it took me so long to watch given the cast. Look, _Cop Land_ isn't the best movie in the filmography of anybody involved, but it was a worthwhile watch, and a nice way to break up the crap horror we've been on a bender of lately.

_Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go_.


This has a really good ensemble cast, but the sum of the parts really don't add up to much of an whole. Sylvester Stallone is local sheriff "Freddy", in charge of policing a small town - Garrison - near New York that is largely populated by it's police officers. The television news reports and our frequent attendance at the cemetery soon demonstrate to us that being a cop has become an even more perilous affair. Just who is behind this new danger? Harvey Keitel ("Ray") is the kingpin sergeant who many believe is to be applauded for enabling many officers to escape the Big Apple itself and set up home for their families in relatively safe and secure surroundings, but is he really the altruist that he purports to be? The death of one officer leads "Tilden" (Robert De Niro) to lead an internal investigation, but when that is mysteriously shut down by the Mayor, it falls to "Freddy" to find the truth. There are just too many characters in this film, there is far too much dialogue and for the most part, really too little action. It shines a dimly lit light on police corruption, but to be honest most of these are pretty unsavoury characters who would stab their own mothers in the face for a quick buck. De Niro is all to rarely on screen and I found Ray Liotta's "Gary" just too unconvincing after about ten minutes. If this is supposed to be brotherhood, hmmm, I think I will pass.


Well, it has almost everyone that could really act in the 90s in it. That is a plus.

And Stallone actually does a great job of being a washed up no-nothing out of shape small town sheriff. He rarely takes roles that actually require him to act so it's always a shock when you see films and realize that, no, Sly is in fact really a stellar actor. This is one of those movies.

It's also one of those movies that stays with you as a classic. Not as well known as Chinatown, but the kind of movie where, after you forget about it, you get the chance to re-watch it and realize once more how great it actually was.


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