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Jurassic Park

1993  127 MN


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Steven Spielberg

A wealthy entrepreneur secretly creates a theme park featuring living dinosaurs drawn from prehistoric DNA. Before opening day, he invites a team of experts and his two eager grandchildren to experience the park and help calm anxious investors. However, the park is anything but amusing as the security systems go off-line and the dinosaurs escape.

 Release Date

June 11, 1993


2h7m (127 min)


$ 63,000,000


$ 920,100,000

 Top Billed Cast

 Sam Neill
 Laura Dern
 Jeff Goldblum
 Richard Attenborough
 Bob Peck
 Martin Ferrero

 Written by

David Koepp Screenplay
Michael Crichton Novel
Michael Crichton Screenplay


An adventure 65 million years in the making.


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Sam Neill
Laura Dern
Jeff Goldblum
Richard Attenborough
Bob Peck
Martin Ferrero
BD Wong
Joseph Mazzello
Ariana Richards
Samuel L. Jackson
Wayne Knight
Gerald R. Molen
Miguel Sandoval
Cameron Thor
Christopher John Fields
  Volunteer #1
Whit Hertford
  Volunteer Boy
Dean Cundey
Jophery C. Brown
  Worker in Raptor Pen
Tom Mishler
  Helicopter Pilot
Greg Burson
  Mr. D.N.A. (voice)
Adrian Escober
  Worker at Amber Mine
Richard Kiley
  Jurassic Park Tour Voice (voice)


Dean Cundey
  Director of Photography
David Koepp
John Williams
  Original Music Composer
Michael Crichton
Jane Jenkins
Steven Spielberg
Kathleen Kennedy
Michael Kahn
Janet Hirshenson
Gerald R. Molen
Michael Crichton
Rick Carter
  Production Design
John R. Elliott
  Construction Foreman
Kim Blanchette
  Visual Effects
Brian N. Bentley
Chris O'Connell
  Visual Effects Editor
Colin Wilson
  Associate Producer
Lata Ryan
  Associate Producer
Gary Summers
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Teresa Eckton
  Sound Effects Editor
Jackie Carr
  Set Decoration
William James Teegarden
  Art Direction
Tim Holland
  Sound Effects Editor
Richard Hymns
  Supervising Sound Editor
Kenneth Wannberg
  Music Editor
Ken Fischer
  Sound Effects Editor
Gary Hymes
  Stunt Coordinator
Ana Maria Quintana
  Script Supervisor
Sue Moore
  Costume Supervisor
Victor Anderson
Nathalie B. Bollinger
Tim Donelan
Raymond Stella
  Camera Operator
David B. Nowell
  Helicopter Camera
Jane Goe
  Production Controller
Calmar Roberts
  First Assistant Camera
Robert West
  Post Production Assistant
William F. Hamilton
  Systems Administrators & Support
Robert Peluce
Jeff Brown
Tim Gonzales
  Craft Service
Lauren Cory
  Assistant Art Director
Denny Caira
  Transportation Coordinator
Rory Enke
  Location Scout
Lloyd Ahern II
  Additional Photography
Murray Close
  Still Photographer
Timothy Greenwood
Mark Travis
Yarek Alfer
John Bell
  Art Direction
Marsha Robertson
  Unit Publicist
Tom Cranham
  Production Illustrator
Anthony 'AJ' Leonardi Jr.
  Standby Painter
Ron Judkins
  Sound Recordist
John Villarino
  Construction Coordinator
Don Feldstein
  Stand In
Bruce Lamond
  Software Engineer
Paul Deason
  Unit Production Manager
John Berger
  Set Designer
Alvin S. Cabrinha Jr.
Tino Caira
Hal Lary
  Transportation Captain
Patricia Blau
  Executive In Charge Of Production
Gary Rydstrom
  Sound Designer
Jules Roman
  Production Supervisor
Judith Weaver
  Visual Effects Coordinator
Jack S. Schlosser
Patrick Marshall
  Rigging Gaffer
Henry Charleston
  Lighting Technician
Douglas Greenfield
  Dolby Consultant
Ryan Keely
  Digital Compositors
Mark A.Z. Dippé
  Visual Effects Supervisor
Ken Levine
  Location Manager
Mark Lohff
  Production Coordinator
Rachel Decker
  I/O Supervisor
Janet Healy
  Visual Effects Producer
Dale Caldwell
  Color Timer
Pam Kaye
  Production Accountant
Angela Heald
  Production Office Coordinator
Ron Judkins
  Sound Mixer
TyRuben Ellingson
  Visual Effects Art Director
David Tanaka
  Editorial Coordinator
Robert Jackson
  Boom Operator
Shawn Murphy
  Scoring Mixer
Roger Thompson
Michael Hirshenson
  Casting Associate
Jason Pomerantz
  Production Manager
Alexander Courage
Ron Cardarelli
  Key Grip
Stephen Sfetku
  Camera Loader
John T. Kretchmer
  First Assistant Director
Luigi Mugavero
  Set Dresser
Sandina Bailo-Lape
  Foley Editor
Gary Burritt
  Negative Cutter
Phil Tippett
  Visual Effects
Michele Panelli-Venetis
  Second Assistant Director
Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc
  Aerial Coordinator
Dave Wachtman
  Dolly Grip
Tom Boyd
Evan Brainard
  Mechanical Designer
Mark Walthour
  Chief Lighting Technician
Susanna Griffith
  Casting Assistant
Steve 'Spaz' Williams
  CG Animator
John Coker
Sherry Marshall
  Assistant Production Coordinator
Christina Smith
  Makeup Supervisor
Laurel Ladevich
  ADR Editor
Ken Peterson
  Assistant Property Master
Ann Hadsell
  ADR Recordist
Dennie Thorpe
  Foley Artist
Dean Drabin
  ADR Mixer
Christopher Boyes
  Assistant Sound Designer
Marnie Moore
  Foley Artist
Michael Silvers
  Dialogue Editor
Sara Bolder
  Dialogue Editor
Mary Helen Leasman
  Foley Editor
Christopher Boyes
  Foley Recordist
Jerry Moss
  Property Master
Geoff Campbell
  CG Animator
Thomas R. Homsher
  Special Effects Technician
Steve Chandler
  Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
Sherin Varghese
  Stereoscopic Supervisor
Scott W. Leslie
Donna Jaffe
  Assistant Dialogue Editor
Terry Chostner
  Visual Effects Camera
Roberto McGrath
  Assistant Editor
Louis Rivera
  Negative Cutter
Meredith Garrison
  Visual Effects Production Assistant
Dan Ondrejko
  Head Greensman
J.W. 'Corkey' Fornof
Kenneth Silverstein
  Second Second Assistant Director
Maureen Kropf
  Set Painter
Phyllis Thurber-Moffit
  Textile Artist
Jim Morris
  General Manager
Kimberly Verros
  Production Assistant
Brian Hawkins
  Stereoscopic Technical Director
John Connell
  Assistant Camera
Bud Heller
  Key Rigging Grip
Chris Boardman
  Music Arranger
Lynne Cannizzaro
  Production Secretary
Kristen J. Nye
  Payroll Accountant
Kelly Porter (costumer)
Michael Gleason
  Visual Effects Editor
Sid Lucero
  Best Boy Grip
Gary Hymes
  Second Unit Director
Randal M. Dutra
  Senior Animator
Derek N. Prusak
  Stereoscopic Editor
Patricia Tallman
  Stunt Double
Sam Lee
  Assistant Location Manager
Jolanda R. Wipfli
  Second Assistant Camera
Elena Holden Tuens
  Assistant Accountant
Erick Aragon
  Rotoscoping Artist
Gary Epper
Norman Howell
Donna Evans
Laura Dash
R.A. Rondell
Pat Romano
Gary McLarty
Brian Smrz
Armen Ksajikian
Dennis Muren
  Visual Effects Supervisor
Stan Winston
  Special Effects
Michael Lantieri
  Special Effects Supervisor
Eric H. Sandberg
  Costume Supervisor
Mitchell Ray Kenney
Monty Westmore
  Makeup Supervisor
Lynda Gurasich
  Hair Supervisor
Fríða Aradóttir
  Hair Supervisor
Martin A. Kline
  Assistant Art Director
Paul Sonski
  Assistant Art Director
Masako Masuda
  Set Designer
Lauren E. Polizzi
  Set Designer
Mark 'Crash' McCreery
  Concept Artist
Gary Rydstrom
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Shawn Murphy
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Caroline Quinn
  Art Department Coordinator


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A classic game changer
By DJ on September 9, 2017



If you somehow missed this movie and have never seen it then watch it immediately. As a young boy of 9 on my way to the cinema I wasn't at all prepared for the on-screen awesomeness I was about to witness, one of the defining movies of my childhood and of the modern age. With special effects that simply blew any and all previous dino movies out of the water, compelling story and the odd comic moment such as the Mr Arnolds arm it really did make that evening something I will remember forever. So successful it went on to spawn 3 sequels, the second was enjoyable, the third not so much. The newest Chris Pratt one, I'll leave that for you but its worth a watch, especially if you want to wash the taste of the 3rd one out of your mouth. It gave me nightmares for weeks, really really wonderful nightmares.


I love it. There are movies coming out right now, 25 years later, with triple the budget (even _Jurassic_ movies) where the effects just cannot hold a candle to _Jurassic Park_. If that was the **only** thing it had going for, it would be enough for me to recommend this movie for all, but make no mistake, _Jurassic Park_ is **great** with or without them (but thank God it's with).

_Final rating:★★★★ - Very strong appeal. A personal favourite._


"Life finds a way… to let us enjoy dinos in theaters"

Filthy rich millionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) is about to open a dinosaur theme park. He invites a couple of experts to satisfy his investors. During a preview tour things go awfully wrong.

While ‘Jurassic Park’ is too simplistic to be a perfect movie it is blockbuster cinema at its very best. Spielberg grabs you by the throat from the get go and you instantly know you’re in for quite a ride.
The story is simple but effective. Author Michael Crichton did his very best to make the cloning dinosaurs part plausible. When you have living giant meat-eaters in your amusement park it’s not hard to come up with something which causes things to go south so fast before you can say T-rex.

The movie works because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The characters are somewhat underdeveloped but their main purpose is to serve as dino treats. The Ian Malcolm character (Jeff Goldblum) is of little use but he’s funny. Grumpy Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) is the perfect counterpart. You can’t help but root for these characters.

What makes the movie stand out are the ground-breaking special effects. Even to this day it’s remarkable what ILM and Stan Winston’s crew achieved. Although a 'Jaws' approach would have perhaps worked better (Love the shot of the T-rex’ leg in the mud) the dinos look so realistic.

What ‘Jurassic Park’ does have in common with 'Jaws' is John Williams’ score. Although not as ominous and iconic as 'Jaws', Williams went for wonderment this time around. Perhaps not regarded as his most famous work it’s amazing. When the experts travel to the island Williams’ score does indeed give you a sense of wonderment. The scene where the visitors first lay eyes on the dinosaurs is movie magic.

Rereleased for its 25th anniversary it’s safe to say we rarely have had more fun in the cinema than while watching 'Jurassic Park'.


This is my idea of a perfect movie. I mean, it's not perfect, perfect, but it's pretty close. To start off the score is just amazing and iconic and really drives the awe of this film. And these characters are developed so quickly but are also so good. All of the actors give fantastic performances. Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Richard Attenborough give classic performances and even the supporting actors like Wayne Knight, Samuel L. Jackson, and especially Bob Peck as Muldoon. What really struck me this time I watched it was how the action really doesn't even start until halfway through the movie, and then from there the action is nonstop.

I think that since it was paced like this, it allows us to get attached to the characters which makes the action so much more impactful and suspenseful. And even with that first hour that is primarily dialogue, it's still so engaging since the script is tightly written, it has some compelling conversations on the control that humans have, is well shot, and has some humor that feels natural in the dialogue and is in character. The humor is never forced in situations that are tense unless it's expected form that character, like Ian Malcolm.

And then that second half... my God, it's so good. This isn't an action movie to me, it's a suspenseful thriller. There's no humans fighting dinosaurs, exploding cars and planes, and the action is used relatively sparingly. The CGI is also used sparingly and only when it is needed. Both the practical effects and CGI look great still. Speilberg really crafted amazing characters, tense scenes like with the Tyrannosaurus breakout and the Raptors in the kitchen, and iconic shots. This was my favorite movie as a kid because of the cool-looking dinosaurs, and is still one of my favorites because of it's insanely great characters and suspenseful scenes.

Manuel São Bento


Many films age quite well, but Jurassic Park (1993) undoubtedly holds up better than most. From its memorable score to the still impressive animatronics, without forgetting its iconic characters, Steven Spielberg truly is a magnificent filmmaker. Remains as suspenseful as ever.

Rating: A+

Peter McGinn

This is one of relatively few movies that I have watched more than twice, so obviously I like it. My most recent viewing came because I ran across the remastered version and decided to watch it again after many years.

I was never one of those kids who was into dinosaurs growing up. I was more into DC comic book heroes and their TV counterparts. But I like how realistic monsters and dinosaurs are looking since I started watching these films as an adult. It was awesome the first time I watched it, and Jurassic Park still seems like the finest example of special effects up until that point.

As far as the plot and the story details are concerned, however, it is quite ordinary. A man who doesn’t like children becomes their caretaker when danger threatens them; an embittered consultant dabbles in corporate theft; a wisecracking chaos theorist who proves to be correct in a few predictions, though it is never explained why he was chosen to evaluate the theme park in the first place. And like the security personnel in the old Star Trek episodes, several characters are earmarked for destruction so the the core of characters we are supposed to care about can all survive.

But I am not dissing all of this, just saying that the story is a rather ordinary framework to display the awesome graphics of dinosaurs in motion. But the humor is good, Jeff Goldblum is great (but then I even like him in commercials) and it is all well done. It is just that the film will never make one of my top 10 lists and, finally at this late date, I may have watched it for the last time.

The Movie Mob

**Overall : Unparalleled storytelling blends nostalgia and terror, producing one of the most extraordinary adventures ever on screen.**

Jurassic Park's groundbreaking special effects blended practical effects with cutting-edge computer-generated imagery, resulting in such realistic creatures that even many modern-day effects. Spielberg brought dinosaurs to life, capturing the imagination of every young child while still delivering thrills and scares. It's a beautiful combination of fantasy, adventure, and sci-fi terror. Jurassic Park set a new standard for storytelling and effects that inspired filmmakers to dream bigger and audiences to expect the magnificent.

Andre Gonzales

The classic jurassic park movie. It's a theme park where the dinosaurs eventually break out of. Once they taste human flesh they can't get enough of it.


A cracking film about a team of archaeologists sent to evaluate a theme park with a difference. It has end-to-end thrills and some truly groundbreaking special effects. The acting is, however, another matter entirely. Sam Neill and Laura Dern as well as the truly irritating children, deserve to be eaten (preferably as early on in the film as possible) and Richard Attenborough's accent - well goodness only knows where that is supposed to come from. Bob Peck and Jeff Goldblum hold up their end of the bargain rather better and the dinosaurs are just magnificent. John Williams does his stuff with the score, too - all contributing to something you must see.


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